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MetaboLogics, LLC is a clinical sciences research and consulting group whose work is rooted in systems biology and metabolism. We develop novel assessment tools aimed at improving human health and well-being throughout the lifespan. One arm of our discovery and development efforts is directed at pure research in the clinical and human performance setting. Another arm of our research-based platform is designed to take tools out of the research environment and partner with CLIA-certified laboratories for test commercialization.

Our primary effort is to develop analytical and translational bioinformatics tools that will help the complexity of systems biology become useful in the clinical practice setting. In short, we are working to make the full complexity of metabolic network data available to the physician, while also reducing the complexity, so that there is clinical utility on a daily basis. We want to simplify and give meaning to what is presently, enormously complex.

We have established our laboratory within the Colorado State University Research Innovation Center and Infectious Disease Research Complex, so that we can strongly align our work with the considerable clinical science acumen and analytical capabilities CSU possesses.

MetaboLogics supports and advises human research groups that are seeking to identify metabolic and genomic relationships in health, disease, and complex circumstances.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Science & Technology

  • Detecting metabolic differences in healthy vs. diseased populations or individuals
  • Testing efficacy of therapeutic regimens in clinical practice and clinical trials (traumatic brain injury, etc.)
  • Assessing mechanism of action and metabolic effects of countermeasures and training regimens
  • Testing for safety (off-target adverse effects) of therapeutic agents in clinical trials
  • Assessing humans in extreme environments (space, high altitude, etc.)
  • Assessing humans in simulated extreme environments (simulated Mars mission habitats, etc.)
  • Assessing and developing solutions across the spectrum of lifestyle medicine and personalized medicine
  • Translating our research-based tools to CLIA-certified clinical laboratories